Review policy & Rating system

★★★★★ Highly recomended/I love it.
★★★★ Very enjoyable.
★★★ It was okay.
★★ did not like it but did not dislike either.
★ hate it.

Hello and thank you for your interest in my reviews! Please take your time and read through my review policy before contacting me for a review of your book.

I will only be accepting 2-3 books per month for reviewing. I do not criticize or disrespect any author in anyway but I ask for the same in return, if the book have trigger warnings (especially sexual assault and animal abuse), be mindful and stated it. My reviews will be based completely on my own thoughts and ideas, therefore you will have to accept what I write. I post reviews on this blog, instagram and Goodreads. Every review that I write is and will be based on the way the book and the story made me feel. You can expect a 100% honest review from me.

Preferred Genres:
Young Adult : fantasy, romace, contemporany and sci-fy. Also, New Adult.
Adult : Romance (YA, dark, erotica, Romcom, Mafia books, MC, and paranormal romances), Fantasy, Historical and Comedy/Humor.

I DO NOT review or accept review requests for self help, horror and religious/inspirational titles.

What forms I will accept:
-Physical copy (ARC or hardcover)
-digital copies (ebook or mobi – I have a kindle)

What should be include in your Review Request to make it easier for both of us:

  • The summary
  • The release date
  • If you have a time frame for when you expect the review to be posted, please let me know since it has a big influence in my decision and I will have to see if we can commit to that timeline.

In addition to reviews, I am also open to do:

  • Blog tours: I have to have interest in the book that’s being promoted or have enjoyed it.
  • Exclusive cover reveals: With this, it has to be for an author I’ve read or a book I’m excited about.
  • Giveaways (I will only post a giveaway of a book I have read or am anticipating to read)

If you would like me to review your book, please contact me. Thank you so much for your consideration!

About me

Hello, my name is Mag. ARC Reader | Reviewer | Book Blogger | Bookstagrammer | I’m a cat lover who has an unhealthy love for coffee and sarcasm. Welcome to my Blog!.

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